Staff Physician Responsibilities and Duties

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Interview patients and obtain their medical history and health disabilities.

Perform physical examination and evaluate patient health conditions.

Develop treatment plans and inform patient and their family about treatment procedures.

Monitor patient progress and accordingly make updates to treatment plans.

Provide quality healthcare to patients of all ages as per hospital policies and procedures.

Maintain complete documentations of treatment procedures, patient progress, and medications recommended.

Treat patients with urgent medical conditions when required.

Coordinate patient visits and record patient data in hospital database.

Educate patients on therapeutic and preventive healthcare procedures.

Coordinate with healthcare facility to plan and execute patient services.

Attend education conferences, workshops, trainings and seminars for professional growth.

Provide guidance to students, residents and other medical staffs when required.

Review and recommend improvements to existing medical services to provide optimal patient care.

Work in compliance with local, state and federal regulations related to medical field.

Address patient queries and concerns and respond to them professionally.

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