Business Intelligence Architect Responsibilities and Duties

Provide expert guidance on Business Intelligence (BI) skills and technologies.

Develop scalable and maintainable BI applications to meet business objectives.

Develop security and authentication standards for the organization.

Maintain accurate and complete technical architectural documents.

Define BI standards, guidelines and best practices for business groups and technical teams.

Support BI tools upgrades in development, testing and documentation.

Perform maintenance and troubleshooting activities for BI tools.

Diagnose and resolve BI tool capacity issues.

Recommend strategies to improve performance and capacity of BI tools.

Address customer queries and issues in a timely manner.

Provide BI administration and technical support during weekends, after-hours and holidays when needed.

Provide technical training on BI tools to junior staffs.

Collaborate with BI Administrators, Developers and Analysts for successful development of BI reporting and analysis solutions.

Work with business groups and technical teams to develop and maintain data warehouse platform for BI reporting.

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