Cash Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Manage incoming and outgoing cash effectively on a daily basis.

Develop strategies to optimize cash position of the company.

Predict cash requirements and cash position through analysis of budgetary needs and financial reports.

Forecast daily cash position by utilizing cash receipts and disbursements.

Analyze cash flow mechanism of the company and prepare monthly variance report.

Maintain integrity and accuracy in financial transactions and reports.

Develop investment and loan procedures by analyzing fund needs and surplus funds.

Evaluate investment options and risk factors before investing surplus funds.

Follow standard procedures to improve efficiency in cash collections, funds transfers, cash disbursements, month-end account closing activities, and inter-departmental reporting.

Create new systems to optimize cash inflow from different business activities and reduce the risk of credit losses.

Update accounting database for daily financial transactions.

Maintain a back up for all the financial data.

Resolve any issues related to foreign currency exchange.

Liaise with banks to address any account issues and queries.

Develop financial reports to assist management in making appropriate decisions regarding debts and foreign exchange plans.

Maintain security and confidentiality of financial records.

Develop professional knowledge on cash management processes and techniques.

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