Data Analyst Responsibilities and Duties

Coordinate with customers and staff and provide support to all data analysis.

Perform data analysis on all results and prepare presentations for clients.

Perform audit on data and resolve business related issues for customer base.

Coordinate with engineering and product management team and ensure accuracy on all deliverables and prepare summaries.

Perform data analysis and facilitate in delivery to all end users.

Supervise all client issues and coordinate with managers and supervisors and facilitate in deliverables.

Monitor and organize all client invoices and perform all timely assessment for all payment issues.

Administer all data for customer invoices and provide company metrics.

Monitor and resolve all customer invoice data issues and coordinate with various vendors and manage all previous balance.

Organize all consumption anomalies and determine defects for data and prepare appropriate resolutions.

Supervise process management tools and ensure compliance to all cycle guidelines.

Maintain and document library of invoices and resolve all issues in same.

Perform internal audit and prepare all invoices and determine quality improvement processes.

Maintain and escalate issues to lead analyst if required.

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