Data Processing Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Assign workflow for data processing staff to ensure accurate and timely completion of projects.

Manage daily activities of the data processing team.

Evaluate performance of data processing staff for productivity, capability and technical expertise.

Develop standard operating procedures for effectiveness and efficiency of data processing operations.

Troubleshoot problems relative to computer operations or data processing results.

Manage data processing jobs such as end-of-day processing, full system backups, new account set-up and running miscellaneous reports and queries.

Schedule and monitor data processing tasks to meet deadlines.

Ensure that data processing tasks are executed in a timely manner.

Ensure data processing operations are properly documented for future references.

Identify information system problems and recommend appropriate solutions.

Train the team on data processing techniques and practices.

Work with customers to analyze data processing needs and to determine system development and modification activities.

Build strong and positive relationships with customers and associates.

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