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Economic Analyst Responsibilities and Duties

Analyze economy of all countries and assist in decision making for same coordinate with colleagues for same and organize visits of all officials to country to resolve all economic issues.

Provide support to all research activities for various political and economic issues and analyze all automotive data and forecast and vehicle process and economic relations.

Analyze economic impact of all political actions and design quantitative models and administer all potential outcomes and recommend legislative changes to all industry groups.

Coordinate with reports and editors to develop business specific content and perform quantitative analysis all performance issues and provide support to all investment activities and analyze all cost and benefits for country.

Perform internal analysis and design strategies according to regulations and in coordination with regulatory agencies and provide analytical support to all proposals and achieve all corporate goals and provide forecast all system loads.

Analyze all technical and economic data and perform statistical studies and develop forecasts for various customer class and business type and maintain knowledge on various forecast models and recommend changes if required.

Provide an effective interface with all internal and external personnel and analyze all issues in same and monitor all market and regulatory environment and provide support to all business units and evaluate policies to prepare appropriate proposals.

Administer all regulatory requirements and prepare reports and presentations for management to recommend changes if required.

Provide support in implementation of all business plans and prepare all annual business plans and prepare reports on monthly basis.

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