Economic Development Specialist Responsibilities and Duties

Assist in economic development and provide support to all ongoing policies of industries and commercial departments and perform research to design strategies to facilitate new industries and prepare all information for all potential clients.

Analyze site for all potential new business and prepare all marketing programs for same and participate in various local and regional economic forums and attend various conferences and trade shows for same.

Maintain and update database for all business prospects and contacts and ensure compliance to all policies and procedures for city and maintain safe environment at all times and prevent any hazardous condition.

Attend city council meeting, prepare reports for same and recommend resolutions to all issues and administer all construction contracts and prepare all budget reports and approve all grant applications.

Coordinate with various business partners and gather all information for economic development and expansion of organization and prepare an effective economic development strategy and evaluate all land acquisition and monitor project implementation.

Participate in all commercial and industrial marketing efforts and perform out of reach programs and conduct various familiarization tours and present services to all prospective new businesses.

Gather and analyze all economic and demographic data and develop all associate redevelopment projects and prepare special reports for same.

Assist all redevelopment programs and projects and administer all loans and grant programs and coordinate with various city departments to manage various redevelopment programs and projects and plan and implement various economic projects.

Monitor all economic development loan programs and administer all contracts for economic development projects and provide consultation for all contracts.

Coordinate with staff and prepare effective strategies to develop local economy in coordination with all key stakeholders and provide consultation on all public economic development issues.

Design all capacity building materials and prepare appropriate strategies for all development and implementation of processes and coordinate with internal and external stakeholders for all projects and analyze implementation of projects.

Facilitate in implementation of various revenue generation techniques and prepare plans for economic development programs.

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