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Energy Market Analyst Responsibilities and Duties

Analyze and record short and long-term electric energy and fuel requirements.

Assist daily forecast of wholesale power, fuel prices and market trends.

Utilize efficiently power and fuel purchases among multiple supply and transportation options.

Allocate wholesale power and fuel purchases complying with contractual obligations.

Support daily, monthly and other purchases of wholesale power and fuel.

Support energy risk management transactions execution.

Provide assistance to planning and design of energy risk management strategies.

Support planning and design of wholesale power and fuel contracts and agreements.

Nominate and schedule daily wholesale power and natural gas purchase and transportation volumes.

Monitor daily natural gas consumption and re-nominates as required.

Manage and oversee natural gas transportation imbalance accounts.

Perform QSE bidding and scheduling functions.

Monitor transmission congestion and determine AE energy schedules impact.

Monitor and coordinate unit status generation and performance among affected parties.

Assist market design and development process.

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