Forecast Analyst Responsibilities and Duties

Assist forecasts for all assigned processes with help of various statistical forecasting norms and business intelligence.

Design new metrics and prepare reports to monitor forecast accurately and analyze all sales trends.

Prepare summaries of all items and evaluate all sales and forecast patterns.

Develop and evaluate all forecasts depending on statistical modeling and marketing strategies.

Analyze and interpret all sales in its initial stage to ensure better quality of products and services.

Coordinate with purchasing and inventory teams to complete all orders and provide upgrade to overall supply chain.

Monitor and ensure completion of projects in coordination with manager.

Develop upgrade and modeling techniques to improve forecast projections for assign processes.

Analyze, identify and upgrade metrics to facilitate delivery of forecasts for future project implementation programs.

Perform regular analysis on various metrics such business seasonality, inventory and determine forecast presentation with accuracy.

Administer inventory required to reach all targets and improve all services and provide excellent forecasts.

Coordinate with various teams and gather and explain data from multiple sources to formulate future sales forecasts.

Supervise statistical accuracy of current and future forecasts and make adjustments according to market requirements.

Prepare an inventory and make future plans for programs for assigned product lines.

Provide ad hoc forecasts, sales and prepare archive reports as requested to assist management decision.

Assist to prepare inventory reduction initiatives for assigned product lines and rationalization process for product lines.

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