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Forecast Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Monitor and assess sales by editing and determine filtration of data through rate and revenue class for various companies.

Prepare and calculate reports for various calendar month weather conceptions and activate various multiple weather stations.

Develop customized weather reports and prepare sales forecast and determine data transfer on Microsoft Excel.

Design and ensure efficient and timely flow of basic business and monthly forecast data via SKU to design demand solution.

Supervise constant analysis of ongoing development sales trends in comparison to forecasts.

Determine fine tunes statistical forecast models in demand solutions.

Analyze all historical evidence and facts in utilization with statistical methods.

Ensure creation and usage of tools which encourage the proper measurement of developed techniques.

Develop and improve all current report for business team detecting POS trends and inventory requirement for key customers.

Design and provide upgrade on all new product forecasting models and recommend alternative data quantity for forecasts.

Administer all marketing and finance programs providing constant forecast for enhancement of business.

Analyze all major forecasting issues for resolution and enhance preparation of projects.

Administer and prepare forecasting systems and manual techniques to conduct forecast efficiently to activate supply chain.

Analyze and recommend enhancement for dissemination of forecast information and provide support to organizations and product management program.

Maintain and utilize all tools for creation, analysis and deliver forecasts efficently.

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