Forecast Specialist Responsibilities and Duties

Determine and implement all procedures required for forecast for all commercialized GSPI product line.

Prepare monthly reports and design forecast budgets for finance as per requirement.

Prepare various monthly reports of miscellaneous documents as needed according to budget of assign projects.

Design annual and long term LBEs and design forecast plan and maintain tracking accuracy for monthly forecast LBE reports.

Evaluate and ensure proper adjustment of sales budgets and forecasts for current products.

Maintain knowledge and utilize present market trends via IMS/DDD data to formulate another forecast.

Coordinate with Sales and Marketing Management Team to recommend flexible forecast.

Prepare reports to be submitted to Sales & Marketing management team about anomalies and recommend forecasts to senior management for analysis.

Gather and provide feedback to employees and prepare various fortifying sales oriented profit making strategies.

Analyze and identify challenges which provide impact on current product related forecast and sales.

Design strategies for multiple models and resolve all problems for product inventory.

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