Institutional Research Analyst Responsibilities and Duties

Conduct complicated research studies inclusive to collect, tabulate, evaluate and report on different data to identify cycles, trends and underlying factors.

Design and prepare reports as suitable.

Initiate, design and arrange to collect and tabulate various data.

Supply information for updating programs, reports and graphic presentations.

Develop local, federal and state needed external reports consisting precise statistical information.

Handle different research projects in union with research priorities and plans.

Develop and execute surveys administering equally on-line and through paper.

Assist evaluation of every aspect of institution.

Support Director to develop research plans and projects with purpose to assist and enhance department and institution needs.

Participate with Director in different state and regional organizations and forums concerned with institutional research.

Utilize applicable and reliable research procedures to collect, evaluate and report data on problems associated with student engagement, learning outcomes and progress.

Ensure for retain and attrition along with academic rigor.

Maintain healthy and different campus climate, culture along with matters associated with institutional improvement and accreditation.

Convey implications and results of institutional research in written plus oral presentations along with graphs and charts.

Support engaged evaluation and decision-making at different levels of institution.

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