Process Consultant Responsibilities and Duties

Plan, organize, and monitor pre-implementation deliverables and process improvement initiatives identified by the client.

Work with other teams to manage alignment between company processes and business objectives so as to optimize business performance.

Coordinate with process owners and technology owners to define technology requirements to support company process strategy and deployment.

Communicate with client to assist in developing effective process vision, process strategy and process maturation.

Develop and maintain process development and optimization programs.

Maintain and update documentation of process overviews, details and process flows.

Make process design and development recommendations to standardize, improve, or redesign processes to meet business needs.

Research and resolve issues identified in the processes and systems of a client’s organization.

Design and implement new process in order to improve service delivery and client relationship and to ensure cost-effectiveness.

Participate in recruiting, training, leading and managing resources in process improvement areas.

Contribute in preparing client deliverables (e.g. business documents and presentations) and supporting business management activities (e.g. budget management, invoicing).

Act as main point-of-contact for customers and internal teams in addressing process-related enquiries.

Maintain process operational conformance to established quality standards, regulatory & contractual requirements.

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