Process Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Identify business process challenges by analyzing process data and metrics.

Facilitate teams to critically review current processes for effectiveness, quality and simplification.

Develop and implement process solutions to improve operational efficiency.

Develop process workflow and design in compliance with regulatory requirements.

Provide training programs on new processes as needed.

Monitor and measure the benefits of post process implementation to ensure product quality, efficiency, and improvement.

Identify risks and issues in business processes and systems.

Identify and analyze business processes to be improved.

Lead a team that will be responsible for process assessments, and process design and redesign.

Analyze operating data and statistics to identify opportunities, develop action plans, and implement process improvements.

Prepare business process reports for management and customers.

Maintain and update all the process related reports for reference purposes.

Develop in-depth knowledge of the organization’s business lines and products.

Assist in promoting the implementation of best practices.

Recommend innovative business and technical solutions to improve operational effectiveness.

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