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Statistical Consultant Responsibilities and Duties

Head responsibility for statistical design aspects.

Implement and evaluate clinical studies to assist global regulatory submissions.

Perform multi-functional organizational areas to identify necessity as well as type of research needed.

Perform with clinical research, statistical programmers and various statisticians to plan, evaluate and report data of clinical study.

Convey results to related audiences.

Provide study design input as well as consultation for entire clinical research protocols plus drug development plans.

Provide clinical endpoint assessment consultation along with sample size planning for all clinical studies.

Prepare statistical sections of all clinical protocols partnering with clinical research.

Perform with Data Management as well as Clinical Research staff to present statistical input for entire CRF design.

Ensure all data sets as well as their related definition files are developed correctly and in timely way to support entire FDA submissions.

Conduct analysis to assist manuscripts, abstracts and various documents to support product marketing.

Develop test designs (DOE) and identify sample sizes etc. for all marketing campaigns.

Provide guidance related to project to various team members during performing analysis.

Consult with customers to capture and leverage customer data throughout business area.

Prepare and maintain all statistical models to assist member conversion, lead generation and retention efforts.

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