Systems Engineer Administrator Responsibilities and Duties

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Configure physical and virtual environments to host off-shelf software applications and proprietary applications using VMware vSphere and iSCI storage.

Configure and manage SharePoint 2007/2010 farms and user interface environments.

Coordinate with departments and manage incoming support requests to ensure effective issue resolutions.

Support offsite disaster recovery efforts by engaging in routine recovery tests.

Design, configure and execute network computer systems and operating system architectures.

Analyze and solve complex network problems of hardware and software.

Plan, install and maintain network systems and components.

Research, test and suggest systems to manage.

Maintain DR documentation within SunGard LDRPS system.

Maintain information within SunGard Notifind system, HW server rack and OS software installation.

Guide and direct lower level System Administrators.

Design, test and execute measures, protect, backup, restore and store business data.

Update on latest network computer systems, operating systems, innovations and best practices.

Research and audit to ensure continuous and high performance levels, security and availability.

Monitor, analyze and troubleshoot LAN by working with Network Administrators.

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