4th Grade Teacher Responsibilities and Duties

Develop various teaching methods for new curriculum for various students requirement and prepare associate instructional materials.

Analyze student requirement and develop appropriate instructional tools for individual students.

Manage work in compliance to all instructional objectives and design curriculum framework for students and record behavioral changes in same.

Develop lesson plans for students on a daily and weekly basis.

Monitor work according to instructions and prepare teaching assignments on various documents.

Design and execute various teaching strategies for all grade students and ensure appropriate atmosphere in classroom.

Administer all assessment schedules and perform formative assessment for all students.

Prepare and collect all progress reports and manage all communication with students.

Ensure effective environment for students.

Maintain record of student attendance and monitor inventory of supplies.

Administer all student activities within school play grounds.

Manage and ensure implementation of work according to school policies and regulations.

Develop and maintain an effective teacher and parent relationship and analyze requirement of all students.

Analyze student behavior in both school and home environment and develop appropriate learning program for same.

Determine special needs for students with special needs and health problems and develop remedial measures for same.

Prepare and update records for all students on everyday basis.

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