5th Grade Teacher Responsibilities and Duties

Use various methods such as oral presentation, workshops, discussion, etc to provide instructions to individual student and class.

Prepare lesson materials, home works, assignments, tests, etc to meet curriculum goals.

Assist students in laboratory works.

Create interactive classroom environment for students.

Develop classroom standards to maintain student discipline and behavior.

Evaluate student performance regularly and prepare progress reports.

Communicate regularly with parents on student performance.

Provide technical guidance and materials to substitute teachers and less experienced teachers.

Perform school administrative activities as and when needed.

Conduct and supervise high school programs, parent education workshops and other community programs.

Work with other staffs to identify and address student health, behavioral, and learning issues.

Identify and order appropriate books and instructional materials.

Conduct classes as per the designated schedule.

Establish learning objectives and goals clearly.

Develop and implement effective learning programs.

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