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Assistant Professor Pharmacy Practice Responsibilities and Duties

Teach didactic and experiential settings of pharmacy practice to students.

Mentor, suggest and motivate students of school, community and professional services.

Develop clinical practice setting supporting experiential teaching activities and promote scholarship.

Teach and facilitate distance-learning environment in pharmacy practice.

Coordinate selected required courses in Doctor of Pharmacy curriculum.

Identify and recognize pursuit of scholarly achievements appropriate for experience and academic rank.

Execute patient-focused services for provision of pharmaceutical care.

Involve in pharmaceutical care education to health care providers.

Develop, implement and maintain advanced pharmacy practice experiences (APPE).

Conduct introductory pharmacy practice experiences (IPPE) in ambulatory care.

Analyze and review student performance based on experiential education program competencies.

Participate in didactic teaching as directed by department chair.

Participate in research and other scholarly endeavors resulting in peer-reviewed publications.

Interact with scholarly endeavors of other faculty and students.

Perform academic and professional service to advance college, university, pharmacy profession and community.

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