Bilingual Teacher Responsibilities and Duties

Create interdisciplinary study course incorporating state curriculum.

Create and maintain healthy learning environment apt for multicultural students.

Interact and discuss with parents progress of students and areas of improvement.

Plan instruction and develop strategies to address development of students.

Perform role of bilingual teacher at classes following Board of Education approved curriculum.

Implement bilingual multicultural syllabus defined by program staff.

Monitor and control bilingual class students commensurate to Education Board policies and procedures.

Guide, plan and utilize Instructional Aide resources.

Initiate and maintain consistent communication with prospective co-educators.

Report principal promptly serious injury or illness of student in class.

Participate in bilingual and other staff development activities.

Instruct students in native language on assigned subject area.

Teach subject matter following stated school board guidelines.

Develop and tutor lessons accommodating different students learning styles.

Plan and utilize instruction and learning techniques meeting students needs and learning style.

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