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Business Education Teacher Responsibilities and Duties

Teach business education program to the students of assigned classes.

Monitor student’s disruptive behaviour inside and outside the classroom and report to administration immediately.

Assess student academic performance regularly and provide them guidance and feedback for academic success.

Prepare and maintain student’s academic assessment reports for institutional purposes.

Develop an organized instructional plan to provide good learning experience for the students.

Ensure that the learning materials are clear, complete and accurate.

Work with the school staff and external professionals to develop creative and innovative instructional activities.

Attend educational workshops, professional development trainings and other professional growth activities.

Contribute and take part in student activities, social events and staff meetings.

Communicate regularly with the parents about the progress of the student.

Manage instructional assistants and student volunteers when needed.

Work with the counsellors, librarians and other teaching staffs to conduct school related activities.

Maintain documentation for student attendance, progress, academic assessment and needs.

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