Chef Instructor Responsibilities and Duties

Teach culinary classes according to course curriculum.

Provide personal and professional guidance to students when needed.

Develop creative instructional methods to engage students in learning process.

Develop instruction materials and handouts for students.

Develop daily lesson plans and instructional plans to meet course competency.

Setup classroom, lab, and other school equipment and supplies for students.

Prepare course assignments, tests, projects to improve student’s academic performance.

Maintain students’ attendance and grade records and report the same to Manager.

Evaluate each student’s academic performance and provide feedback appropriately.

Attend trainings and workshops for professional and skill development.

Ensure that students follow disciplinary and behavioral standards in the school campus.

Develop cohesive, safe and positive learning environment for students.

Provide support in student admission and retention processes.

Attend staff meetings and communicate budget needs to management.

Attend orientations, graduations and other student and college events.

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