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English Teacher High School Responsibilities and Duties

Teach and guide students in improving English reading and writing skills.

Prepare lesson plans and teach them in classes.

Provide exams and exercises for students to improve English skills.

Interact with parents to inform them about performance of their children.

Provide English Language Arts instruction to youth and adult immigrant students.

Prepare daily lesson plans utilizing textbook materials, supplemental instructional materials, audio and visual aids, etc.

Study, adapt and teach English as a Second Language methods and approach to content learning.

Schedule and interact with parents and students periodically.

Confer with school director, teachers, counselor, psychologist and supervisors regularly.

Provide behavioral and academic intervention for students as needed.

Evaluate students through utilization of teacher made tests, standardized tests and observations.

Participate in professional development activities like in-service, workshops, seminars, and conferences.

Involve in co-curriculum and high-school community activities.

Provide individual help to students to maintain continuous and satisfactory progress.

Develop lesson and unit plans, course objectives and outline following curriculum guidelines and school’s educational philosophy.

Teach students using project-based learning, lecture and demonstration, audiovisual aids and other materials to supplement instruction.

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