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Head Teacher Responsibilities and Duties

Develop agendas, meetings and arrange for speakers and meeting minutes with parents.

Manage staff attendance, submit timesheets and enter time into online timesheet system.

Handle authorized emergency and safety procedures.

Design school’s aims and objectives and implement policies.

Ensure policies and practices consider national, local and school inspection research findings.

Supervise and evaluate school policy effects and take action where necessary.

Develop creative and responsive approaches to teaching and learning.

Engage self learning by ensuring a culture and ethos of support and challenge.

Exhibit and express high expectations and establish community targets.

Assess, organize and execute flexible curriculum and effective assessment framework.

Strategize development of emerging technologies to extend learning experience.

Plan, support and assess individuals and teams’ work to ensure task delegation.

Ensure a reasonable teacher-staff school work balance.

Sustain staff performance management effective systems and incorporate teachers’ appraisals and targets for School’s achievement.

Arrange head teacher performance management.

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