Middle School Teacher Responsibilities and Duties

Develop and implement student discipline policies inside and outside the classrooms.

Prepare instruction methods and materials based on student’s needs and interests.

Conduct and grade tests to evaluate students’ academic progress.

Develop lesson plans, unit plans and educational projects to ensure students’ academic development.

Prepare students for higher grades and national/state level tests by providing regular assignments, homework etc.

Maintain student records as defined by school administration, district policies and education laws.

Monitor and evaluate students’ educational, social and physical developments.

Coordinate with parents, counselors and teachers to identify and rectify student’s issues.

Coordinate regular communication with parents regarding their children’s performance.

Support and guide students requiring extra help with academic problems and other academic interests.

Use audio and visual devices as educational supplements to teach academic subjects.

Coordinate with other teachers to develop and implement learning programs for students.

Participate in educational trainings, meetings, workshops, conferences, etc.

Perform school duties in administration department, cafeteria and libraries as and when needed.

Plan, organize, and supervise field trips, class projects, games and other recreational activities to promote educational, physical and social developments.

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