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Valet Attendant Responsibilities and Duties

Ensure to commit plus demonstrate corporate culture, values, vision and goals always.

Ensure to park as well as retrieve guest vehicles for careful and respectful procedures.

Provide continuously four or five star service pertinent to AAA guidelines.

Prepare, complete and fill out legibly suitable valet tickets for all guest vehicles.

Supervise valet parking lots for all self parked vehicles.

Ensure to maintain cleanliness at valet lots as well as garages.

Present service of guest vehicles inclusive of window cleaning and trash removal etc.

Report maintenance needs if any within valet lots and garages.

Maintain valet equipment inclusive of air tanks plus battery packs along with umbrellas and coolers.

Provide support as required to assure exclusive guest service.

Provide recommendations and information to management for supporting quality operations.

Comply with all GPI policies plus procedures always.

Support customers promptly as well as courteously in Valet checkout and check-in.

Ensure to quickly clear valet drop-off area of cars as parked.

Ensure high level of client service plus satisfaction is accomplished.

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