Travel Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Manage relationship among corporation as well as contracted travel agency.

Manage relationships with vendors of direct travel like airline, car rental and hotel etc.

Identify and execute contract negotiations as well as ensure staff using preferred suppliers.

Oversee administration of corporate credit card program inclusive of managing provider relations.

Develop, monitor and enforce employee expenses, corporate travel and credit card policies.

Monitor employee reimbursement process inclusive of managing systems and assisting ongoing processing.

Manage reporting inclusive of spend plus volume trends along with exception reporting, budgeting and forecasting.

Manages team or multiple teams in department of non-exempt and exempt employees.

Supervise investigation as well as resolution of internal plus external client complaints.

Monitor training on Expense, Travel and corporate card processes along with tools.

Provide continuing analysis and development of technology and systems in area of travel plus expense reimbursement.

Establish operating goals and plans.

Perform closely with stakeholders plus experts to assist identify as well as resolve risks and control business problems.

Ensure to account for managing costs required for specific line items as well as projects.

Initiate and analyze resolution process to attain mutual understanding on moderately complicated issues.

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