User Experience Architect Responsibilities and Duties

Posted in Job Responsibilities

Design, direct and evaluate user research as well as usability testing initiatives.

Prepare scenarios and personas to inform design process.

Ensure to strategize with customer and team related to task analysis and completion user flows.

Prepare site maps, navigational models and content hierarchies align with defined, expected, business requirements as well as user experience.

Develop wireframes to illustrate navigation, controls, site layout and content prioritization.

Convey user experience problems and concerns along with entire design principles to client and team members.

Ensure to translate complicated concepts into all interactive experiences using design.

Implement website architectures for explaining complex ideas.

Ensure to collaborate with all designers on visual comps.

Provide input from respect to information architecture.

Ensure to interview with clients to define expectations as well as verify design directions.

Consult on varied changes to all information flow while site build.

Prepare interactive mockups as well as prototypes to explain proposed interactions.

Lead and direct technical decisions for buying third party vs. building in-house inclusive of vendor selection.

Establish core design patterns as well as best practices for complying with development.

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