Utilization Engineer Responsibilities and Duties

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Solve all engineering problems related with industrial utilization of gas as source of power.

Study industrial processes to identify where as well as how gas application fuel-consuming equipments are prepared.

Design utilization equipment to attain process requirements.

Examine entire gas-powered equipment after installation to assure proper functioning.

Recommend feasible solutions to maintenance crew to resolve faults.

Execute breakdown, safety and various engineering tests on gas fuel-consuming equipment to identify efficiency and design safety plus construction.

Ensure to solve problems related with varied gas-consuming equipment like air-conditioning as well as heating.

Read plus interpret blueprints, schematics, technical drawings and computer-generated reports.

Prepare as well as test models of alternate designs plus processing procedures to evaluate feasibility.

Analyze operating condition effects, probable new applications and modification necessity of entire utilization designs.

Perform research to tests and evaluate feasibility, operation, design and performance of components, equipment and systems.

Explain system components and direct product’s modification to assure compliance with engineering design as well as performance specifications.

Interact with engineers and other staff to execute operating procedures.

Implement resolve system malfunctions as well as provide technical information.

Recommend design changes to reduce machine and system malfunctions.

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