Veterinarian Responsibilities and Duties

Posted in Job Responsibilities

Deliver care to pets, rabbits, birds, ferrets, cats, dogs, horses and other animals and livestock.

Conduct clinical research relating to animal health problems.

Vaccinate animals and pets against diseases, rabies and distemper.

Medicate animals or pets suffering from infections, illnesses or diseases.

Dress wounds, set fractures and perform surgery when needed.

Educate owners about animal feeding, breeding and behavior.

Initiate preventive care procedures to maintain good health of the animals, pets and birds.

Document and maintain records relating to diseases and treatment procedures.

Check animals for transmissible diseases and advise owners on the treatment of these animals.

Inspect and examine slaughtering houses and processing plants and check live animals and carcasses for disease.

Ensure compliance of the state, federal and local laws in regulating sanitation and food purity.

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