Associate Veterinarian Responsibilities and Duties

Assist all patients with medical and surgical assistance on site and establish various standard procedures and policies.

Supervise all restraining procedures required to examine all animal behavior.

Perform various physical examination and collect samples of all blood and tissue from sick animals and perform required tests.

Diagnose all issues with animals and design effective treatment program.

Perform all scheduled and emergency surgeries as required and evaluate all pathology records.

Administer all preventative medicines and associate dosage for animals such as worming and dental care and provide support to all conversation programs as well.

Prepare various instructional programs and provide training to staff, veterinarians and students.

Maintain medical records of all animals and participate in inspection of all animals and prepare appropriate treatment plans for same.

Coordinate with various zoological veterinarians and evaluate all care procedures and assist shipment of animals as required and prepare necessary documentation.

Maintain knowledge on all research findings for veterinary practices and perform clinical research and documents all findings as per scientific journals.

Participate in all professional meetings and maintain professional relationships with all contacts and assist in all inquiries and requests from pet owners and design various grant proposals.

Administer and manage veterinary medical team and educate on clients on pet health and ensure safe environment at all times.

Monitor cycle of service and manage all communication with team members.

Ensure safe restraining techniques on all pets according to all standard protocols and maintain safe and neat environment and diagnose diseases and provide efficient treatment.

Administer all drugs and vaccines for all animals and educate all clients about pet health requirements and provide appropriate treatment plans for same and ensure patient satisfaction with treatment.

Prepare and maintain all medical records and provide effective services to treat to all pets.

Develop and maintain an effective communication plans with all team members and perform all work according to medical records.

Monitor and ensure compliance to all protocols and quality assurance guidelines according to state and federal laws.

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