Water Treatment Plant and System Operator Responsibilities and Duties

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Perform treatment on impure water and assist to make it drinkable.

Administer and collect water from rivers, wells and reservoir treatment plants.

Manage purification process and ensure smoothness of operations.

Maintain and operate all technical equipments such as control pumps and computer and monitor efficient water flow for treatment process.

Perform tests on quality of water and monitor various stages of purification and adjust appropriate meters.

Perform biological and chemical analysis on collected water sample and ensure compliance to standard.

Perform troubleshoot on water treatment equipments and detect harmful substances.

Develop ways to remove poisonous and industrial waste from domestic wastewater and make it drinkable.

Monitor all gauges and ensure efficient working of plant.

Monitor disinfecting of wastewater and ensure compliance to adequate level of chlorine.

Monitor all equipments and conduct appropriate tests and analyze results.

Monitor all complaints and perform regular maintenance work on water treatment plans.

Perform analytical tests on samples of wastewater.

Assist in repair of valves and machinery and use various power and hand tools for same.

Monitor emergency situations and manage various equipments and procedures.

Ensure optimal safety of plant and rectify all mistakes.

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