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Web Assistant Responsibilities and Duties

Develop graphics and text formats for university website.

Design and prepare program code for website and ensure compliance to university standards for same.

Analyze various web site development tools and provide solutions to hardware and network problems.

Administer appropriate data transfer and coding to enhance websites.

Monitor all routine and non routine queries for website construction.

Maintain and modify websites with help of various tools such as HTML and CSS.

Perform tests on websites and ensure appropriate accuracy and monitor efficient functionality of same.

Administer general website and assist in associate marketing services.

Provide support to multiple content management systems in HTML format.

Prepare emails on HTML format and prepare appropriate marketing system.

Prepare appropriate graphics and viability with web and emails.

Maintain and update databases and include appropriate information from all departments.

Assist to format and upload various media files on university website.

Assist website technicians to maintain websites effectively.

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