Weight Reduction Specialist Responsibilities and Duties

Posted in Job Responsibilities

Develop weight loss programs for clients and prepare scientific dietary programs and ensure effective implementation.

Design and implement reinforcement programs and ensure benefit for all clients.

Coordinate with clients and gather information on client requirement and analyze all food habits and medical restrictions.

Monitor client’s physical attributes such as height and weight with various instruments and documents all results.

Coordinate with clients and develop plans for food restrictions and ensure appropriate intake of high nutritious and low calorie food.

Provide motivation to client to follow new dietary plans to achieve objectives.

Monitor all client requirement and evaluate food habits prior to dietary plan development.

Assist client and provide counseling to attain all goals.

Maintain visual records for progress and record photographs of clients at regular intervals.

Design aversion therapy for clients and ensure aversion to restrict food items.

Assist clients with various conditioning therapy services and develop plans to aggravate weight reduction process.

Provide clients with weight loss equipment such as calorie counters according to dietary program of clients.

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