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An acknowledgement letter is simply a professional letter sent to thank someone for or acknowledge goods, effort, time or services that were provided. In business relations, it is necessary to maintain a good relationship with those that you deal with. When you send an acknowledgement letter to let someone know that you appreciate whatever it is that they provided, it makes it easier to maintain long term business relationships. If the thought of writing this type of letter intimidates you, it is actually quite easy. Follow the guidelines below.

1. Keep it brief. As with all business communications, your acknowledgement letter should be concise and to the point. A letter that rambles on and contains unnecessary information is not professional.

2. Use simple fonts. In any type of business letter, it is best to use basic fonts that are easy to read. Use letterhead paper if applicable; white or cream colored stationery makes your letter easy to read.

3. Always be prompt. Always try to send your acknowledgement letter within a day or two after the recipient has performed the action for which you are thanking them. Putting it off may result in your forgetting to send the letter.

4. Proofread your letter. Checking your letter for spelling and grammar mistakes is something you should do any time you write a business letter. An acknowledgement letter full of mistakes looks unprofessional, and makes a bad impression on the recipient.

Sample acknowledgement letter

Your name

Company name


City, State, Zip


Name of recipient

Company name (if applicable)


City, State, Zip

Subject: Acknowledgement for receipt of (goods, services, donation, college application, etc.)

Dear (Mr./Mrs./Miss/Ms.) followed by last name,

In the first one or two sentences, express your thanks for the goods or services received in a timely manner. Give your name, position and company, so that the recipient is clear on who is acknowledging their actions. This is important, as the recipient may offer goods, cash, or other services on a regular basis so you want to make it easy for them to determine where the letter came from.

In closing your letter, mention that your company is happy to be associated with a company of such high regard, and explain that you look forward to doing business with them at a future date. Thank the recipient once again.


Your name

Be sure to hand write your name above your typed signature. An acknowledgment letter can be used in many situations; they may be used in acknowledging receipt of a complaint letter, for college admission purposes, or even for a quotation request. The guidelines above will help you write a professional looking acknowledgement letter.

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