Application Acknowledgment Letter

An application acknowledgment letter is written to applicants of open job positions. Companies should make a point to always write these acknowledgment letters as soon as applications are accepted. This provides applicants with time sensitive responses and looks professional on the part of the company with the job opening. This is also a good way to keep application files in order and keep all applicants information organized and accessible.

Format and Content

The application acknowledgment letter format should include the company’s name, address and phone number along with the address and name of the applicant. It should also state if the applicant’s application is in review and how long until the applicant will be notified of a decision. If the review process will take a few weeks, the letter should clearly state this information. It is also important for the writer to include the date upon which the acknowledgment letter is written. This date should be placed on the top left side of the document.


This application acknowledgment letter sample is for a local accounting firm in the Las Vegas area. The accounting firm, J & J Accounting, is looking for an assisting field accountant to help the company expand their residential and commercial accounting services. The company is looking for someone with the proper skill set and would be open to a college graduate. However, the accounting firm has made it clear that some previous experience is required. This sample application has been written for a young man named Tom Simms, who is a graduate of a local Las Vegas college.