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Donation Acknowledgment Letter

A donation acknowledgment letter is both necessary and beneficial to keep funds and donors in good standing with IRS laws. Aside from providing necessary documentation for tax records, thank you letters that acknowledge donations provide excellent advantages to maintaining relationships with donors. Furthermore, sending written letters to donors that express appreciation will always help encourage future contributions.

Format and Content

The donation acknowledgment letter format should follow that of all other thank you letters that are sent in appreciation for contributions. This format should always include the organization’s name, phone number, address, amount contributed, and if there were any goods or services given in return for the donation. Also, the title and contact information of the professional writing the letter should be included. In the case of non-cash contributions, only the description, not amount, of the gift needs to be included.


This donation acknowledgment letter sample is for a rehabilitative riding barn in Montana, the Oak Lake Riding and Rehabilitation Center. This center is a non-profit that deals specifically with the community youth. A local rancher, Mr. John Smith, has given this riding barn 4 new English saddles. These saddles will be used for students who do not have their own equipment to use. The Oak Lake Riding and Rehabilitation Center is a non-profit organization. For this reason, they must send these letters acknowledging donations given.