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Donor Acknowledgment Letter

A donor acknowledgment letter is sent to donors for two purposes. The first is to provide them with appropriate documentation for their tax records as required by the IRS. The second purpose is to show due appreciation for donations given. Sending out these types of letters also encourages donors to support organizations in the future. This kind of follow up letter also gives companies and organizations the ability to maintain a professional reputation with the public in the least expensive manner.

Format and Content

The donor acknowledgment letter format should follow that of a gift acknowledgement letter. It should include the donation amount, if there were any services or goods given in exchange for the donation and the organization’s information, such as name, telephone number and address. The writer should also include the information of the person to whom the acknowledgment letter is written. It is also important to add the date on which the letter is written to add a professional touch.


This donor acknowledgment letter sample is for a local jewelry shop owner that has made a donation to a local private academy where his son attends school. The donation was given to help expand the school’s sports program. The donor is a supportive father who is active in his son’s school activities. He made a cash donation which means that the full amount should be stated in the thank you letter. In this case, a ticket to a banquet was given in return for the donation.