Employee Acknowledgment Letter

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An employee acknowledgment letter is given to employees to express appreciation for hard work and notify them of awards earned in a company. These types of letters are great to send out if a coworker, manager or other employer wants to make employees feel special and encourage higher performance in company operations.

Format and Content

The employee acknowledgment letter format should be to the point and sincere. The writer should always state what the acknowledgment letter is for and it should be sent in a timely manner of the event that deserved recognition. As far as format goes, there are formal, semi formal and informal ways to write a recognition letter to employees. For example, a formal letter may begin with “Dear” at the beginning of the address. Other formats may just begin with the employee’s name.


This employee acknowledgment letter sample is written in a formal letter format. It is for a packing company in Atlanta that specializes in packing and shipping specific items for other surrounding businesses. The employee to whom it is addressed is being acknowledged for his hard work in the shipping department. Specifically, for staying late to get back orders filled in a timely manner and assisting the department manager without being asked.

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