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Gift Acknowledgment Letter

A gift acknowledgment letter is an excellent way to show appreciation for gifts and donations, as well as provide donors with appropriate records and documentation for tax purposes. Whether or not donors and individuals are giving to an organization or a smaller local entity, letters that show appreciation and acknowledgment for donations are both necessary and appreciated by all parties.

Format and Content

The gift acknowledgment letter format should include the name of the organization that was donated to, telephone number, the amount given and should clearly state whether or not services or goods were given in return for the donation. If the donation was not a cash contribution and was given in the form of a tangible item, such as a computer, then only the description of the item should be included, not the amount.


This sample gift acknowledgment letter is for a local church that has recently been in need of a church vehicle for a Sunday morning pick-up program. A local church member has donated a vehicle on behalf of the local Ford dealership, where he is employed.