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Resignation Acknowledgment Letter

A resignation acknowledgment letter is a letter that should be sent by companies to all employees seeking resignation acceptance. When an employee is seeking to resign from a position in a company, it is in the company’s best interest to send the employee this type of letter in regards to the resignation notice.

Format and Content

The resignation acknowledgment letter format should include the company’s address, name and phone number and the writer’s title and contact information. It should also state whether or not the resignation has been accepted and should have the employee’s contact information, as well as the date the resignation is effective. Every resignation acceptance letter should also state if the employee is leaving on good terms with the company, and if so, whether or not the employee is given a reference letter.


This resignation acknowledgment letter sample is being written for an employee of the John Deer Company, in a branch based out of Lawrence, Connecticut. The employee seeking resignation acceptance has been employed by the Lawrence branch for 8 years but is relocating with his family to a city 2 hours away from his current location. He is leaving on good terms with the company. A family friend, who is also the Operations Office Manager for his branch, was responsible for writing this resignation acceptance letter.