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An agreement letter is a letter documenting an agreement between two parties for many reasons, some of which may include services rendered, lending money, subcontracting, etc. The agreement letter is very detailed, because it is a formal letter that is often notarized and states the terms of the agreement. If this seems like a task that is difficult, the tips below will help.

1. Write out a rough draft first – Before typing your letter, create a rough draft outlining all of the points you want to cover. Jot down notes that you think of while writing your rough draft, so that nothing is left out.

2. Spell out all of the details, even if it seems unnecessary. Full names, agreement beginning and termination dates, and legal names – do not leave anything out that pertains to the agreement, and avoid using nicknames.

3. Have both parties sign and date the letter. Since an agreement letter is a formal document, it is essential that both parties sign and date the letter.

When you have completed the agreement letter, make copies for both parties.

Sample agreement letter


Recipient’s name

Title (if applicable)

Company name

Street address

City, State, Zip

Dear (Mr./Mrs./Miss/Ms.) followed by last name:

In the opening sentence of your agreement letter, state the purpose and explain that the letter is to outline the scope of services or conditions.

Next, you want to include details about the service to be rendered. Here you want to include the full name of the person agreeing to do the work/service, exact details about what is to be completed and any information or items that will be provided by yourself or the company in completing the service.

Also include the rate of pay if the agreement letter is for work/services, and how long you expect the project will take. Include details regarding pay in case the recipient completes work/services in a shorter time period than expected. For example, if you project that the work will take 25 hours to complete and John P. Smith finishes in 20 hours, state whether he will be paid for 20 hours or for the full 25.

Go on to include details regarding your timeline, terms of payment and any additional costs. Remember to use full names, exact dollar amounts and all pertinent details.


Your name


City, State, Zip

Contact information

Recipient’s name

Company name


Be absolutely certain that both parties sign and date the agreement letter. Before mailing or delivering, proofread your letter to ensure that all details are correct. Also check for spelling and grammar errors, since this is a formal document.

Writing an agreement letter may seem a bit intimidating, but the guidelines above will make the process easier.

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