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Termination of Lease Agreement Letter

Termination of a lease happens when one of the parties does not meet their obligations in the original contract. When this happens, a letter detailing the exact violations of the agreement should be sent. Often, it is a good idea to get legal advice in this situation to make sure that the argument can be supported. A termination of lease agreement letter can be written by the tenant or the landlord, but it is often harder for a tenant to break a lease.

Format and Content

The most important part of a lease termination letter is the specific reason for breaking the agreement. These reasons must be very carefully documented and then measured against the original lease agreement. This is true for either party who might be writing the letter. Reasons outside of the original lease should be backed-up by legal representation. In addition, the termination of lease agreement letter format should include anything expected from either party in the process of ending the contract.


A tenant is writing this letter to be released from the rental contract due to the landlord not upholding their side of the lease. This termination of lease agreement letter sample includes an explanation of the problem and quotes directly from the lease agreement. The tenant lists when they will move out and when they expect to get their deposit back. This letter is not signed because it is merely a notification.

gain, with no answer. I had my own plumber (who showed up within 24 hours) inspect the problem and give me an estimate. I sent this estimate to your office. When the plumber ordered by your company finally arrived, he did not fix the problem either for yet another week. I requested the costs for my plumber’s inspection to be reimbursed, which they were not. I also asked that someone be sent to clean since the apartment had been in standing water for over three weeks. I left a message and it was never returned. It also appears that the problem has not been fixed, as the bathroom is leaking again. I alerted your office three days ago and have not heard back.

I have been unable to stay in my home for an entire month now and have been staying with family. To pay rent on a property I can hardly enter, much less live in, is unacceptable.

In our original lease contract your company said that any home maintenance and basic caretaking needs would be provided by Erickson Leasing (#5 in the terms and conditions). There has been little to no provision in this situation.

I will be moving out on June 22nd. I will not be paying my monthly rent due today and I expect my deposit to be mailed to:

Rita King

9381 Morning Bird Rd.

Chicago, IL 38423

This termination notice has been reviewed by my lawyer. A copy of the lease agreement which a representative from your company signed is attached to this letter.

Rita King