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Termination of Rental Agreement Letter

Dear Mr. Kei:

This is your final notice regarding your late payment on your lease at 842 Blue Gates Ct. Leesville, SC 85715. Multiple attempts have been made to reach you, including two letters and a minimum of five phone calls, none of which have been returned. The only contact you have made with us has been an email from July 17, 2013 noting that you had been out of town and would have rent “soon”.

After missing two months of payments and late fees, a total of $3300 is owed to McGlynn Leasing LLC. The residence is currently occupied by you and either the amount must be received in three days’ time (by August 18, 2013) or the property must be vacated by August 22, 2013. Payment and additional fees for early contract termination will still be expected.

If payment is received with late fees, you will be conditionally allowed to stay at the property. Rent must be received on or by the 15th of each month throughout the rest of the lease (Dec. 1, 2013) or the property will automatically default back to us in three days’ time. We will repossess the property within a week of any non-received payment.

A copy of the lease agreement which you signed is attached to this letter, which was hand-delivered or taped to the door of your residence on August 15, 2013.

Mitchell McGlynn

McGlynn Leasing LLC.