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Announcement Letter

An announcement letter may be written for any number of reasons; a new policy that is being implemented within the company, a change in management, to announce a new product or even to present financial data to investors. Promotions, the opening of a new business or company mergers are other reasons you may need to compose this type of business letter. Writing an announcement letter may seem like a difficult or daunting task, but the tips and guideline below will help you accomplish it with ease.

As with other business letters, keep your information concise and to the point, leaving out unnecessary verbage that will muddle up the details.

1. Clearly indicate the reason for the announcement. Even if it is not positive news, make your letter specific as to the reason for the announcement.

2. Keep it brief. This type of letter should be kept short and to the point, including only the details related to the announcement. If written for business purposes, use company letterhead.

3. Bold and highlight pertinent details. The points of your letter that should be paid close attention to by the reader should be in bold lettering and highlighted. This way, anyone reading can quickly find the most important details of the announcement.

4. You may need to compose two announcement letters. If someone is being promoted within the company, address one copy of the letter to the recipient; you will need a general letter written to make the announcement to a group of employees.

Always check your work for spelling and grammar errors. Use simple, easy-to-read fonts so that your letter is crisp, clean and professional in appearance.

Sample announcement letter

Company Letterhead

ANNOUNCEMENT (Promotion, New Product, etc.)

To: Recipients (Sales staff, office staff, etc.)

From: Your name


Subject: Reason for announcement letter (For example, Name of employee and position promoted to)

In your opening sentence, briefly summarize the details regarding your announcement.

The main body of your announcement letter should list out details such as date of promotions, when a new product can be expected to emerge, financial data for investors, etc. While you do not want to get too wordy, you want to include all essential information regarding your announcement.

Close briefly, wishing the promoted person success, inviting everyone to come to the open house, try the new product, etc.

Name of signing authority


There are many reasons why you may be writing an announcement letter. The outline here is a general one, and can be used for a multitude of purposes. Use the tips above, adapt your reasons for an announcement to the outline, and your announcement letter will be clear, concise and professional.