Great Sample Resume

Appeal Letter

Dear (Mr./Mrs./Ms.) followed by last name, or department (such as in claims review department if corresponding with an insurance company)

In your introductory paragraph, summarize briefly why you are writing. Include your name in your first sentence.

The main body of your appeal letter should clearly explain why you disagree with the decision, and include any details or facts that back up your reasons for disagreeing. If there was erroneous information that the original decision was based upon, state that in your letter. Clearly state your position and why you feel that the decision should be reconsidered. Never display emotion, and avoid pointing fingers at anyone involved in the original decision.

Close by urging the recipient to reconsider the decision, and offer to supply further information if necessary. Thank them for their time and consideration.


Your name

Sign your appeal letter by hand directly above your typed signature. Proofread your work to ensure that all information and details are correct, and that there are no spelling or grammar errors. By writing your appeal letter in the correct manner, you may get the results you want. A convincing letter with details that back up your feelings on the situation may result in a review of the original decision.