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Fundraising Appeal Letter

A politician raising money for a political campaign is among those who can benefit from a fundraising appeal letter. Politicians usually have methods of compiling the addresses of all registered voters among their constituency in order to send information and requests for donations.

Format and Content

It is important to make it easy for constituents to donate money in a fundraising appeal letter format. Also, it is a good idea to state your basic goals and objectives and give the potential donors good reasons to contribute to your campaign. List some of the major accomplishments you have already achieved to give potential donors a reason to donate money.


A state senator who is running for re-election is sending this fundraising appeal letter sample to past donors and other registered voters located in his district. He needs to raise money to launch a strong re-election campaign in order to hang on to his state senate seat as he is facing a challenge from a wealthy businessman in the district who has virtually unlimited financial resources.

Dear Mr. Miller,

As your State Senator, it is important that I receive your financial support as well as your vote in the upcoming election next month. I greatly appreciated your support in the last election, and your financial contribution helped me win re-election to the Senate of the great State of Pennsylvania. Without your financial support and vote I would not have been able to participate in the passage of the law that brought about the construction of the new perimeter connecting all interstates and alleviating the heavy rush hour traffic in the metropolitan area.

In addition, I was part of the research and work that resulted in the successful implementation of the child immunization program in Pennsylvania as well as the development of the new math curriculum in the public school system which has contributed to a significant increase in statewide SAT scores. Finally, I was instrumental in securing federal monetary assistance for the new state-of-the-art sports stadiumconstructed in Philadelphia last year. The citizens of Pennsylvania are in need of further improvements to the school system, the road system and other important parts of the state’s infrastructure. In order to continue this work, I need your financial support along with your vote.

Thank you for your contribution in the last election. Are you able to contribute to my election campaign again this year?

Please indicate the amount you wish to contribute:

_____$25_____$50_____$75_____$100_____$150_____$200_____Other amount Enclose your check in the self-addressed, stamped envelope attached to this letter and mail.

Any help that you can afford to give will enable me to carry on with my work in the state Senate for the people of Pennsylvania. Most importantly, do not forget to get out and vote on November 7. Thank you for your support.

In service to the State of Pennsylvania,

Michael Williams

Senator Michael S. Williams