Great Sample Resume

Application Letter

Dear Mr. Smith,

I am writing to apply for the public relations position recently advertised in the West Times Chronicle. Go on to write that you have enclosed your resume, and what qualifications or skills make you the perfect job candidate. Highlight your words with action words to demonstrate your enthusiasm.

Expand a bit further on your work background, particularly in areas that make you a suitable candidate for this particular job. Include briefly any education or training that pertains to the position for which you are applying. Make a short bulleted list of your key strengths:

Exceptional people skills

Great communicator


Invite the reader to read your resume, and then explain where and when you can be reached, followed by your sincere thanks for their time and consideration. Let them know that you look forward to speaking with them about the opportunity soon.


Mary Jones

Always proofread your work thoroughly in order to catch any spelling or grammar errors before sending your application letter. By writing a compelling, brief application letter that highlights those qualities that make you the ideal job candidate, the employer will be interested in taking a close look at your resume.