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An appointment letter is a letter issued by a hiring manager or human resources director once a suitable candidate has been chosen for a position within the company. Once the person responsible for hiring has reviewed all of the resumes submitted for the job and conducted interviews with the best candidates, it is time to make a decision. When this decision is made, the employer may draft an appointment letter that details the specifics of the job.

The appointment letter often goes in to great detail. Some of the information it may contain includes:

• Whether employment is permanent, or for a set probationary period to determine if employment will continue

• The effective date of the appointment letter.

• The designation for which the individual is being hired should be clearly stated.

• Who the chosen candidate will report to in their job duties.

• Salary terms during probation period; may also state salary to be paid following probationary period should applicant show a good performance.

• Major rules, terms and conditions of the organization that are to be followed.

• Statement that employee may be subject to transfer to any area of the organization, which may include subsidiaries that are located in various geographical locations.

These are just a few examples of the details that may or may not be included in an appointment letter. This is actually a contract between employer and employee that clearly defines all rules, regulations, pay terms, employment period, etc.

Sample Appointment Letter

Letterhead and Address of Company or Organization

Ms./Mrs./Mr./Miss name of Candidate

Address of Job Candidate

Appointment Letter Issue Date

Subject: Your application for the position of ______________

Dear Candidates Name,

Welcome the job candidate to your company/organization here.

Date of appointment

Include when the position is to begin in this area.

Probation period

State the dates of the probationary period, if such exists.

Salary during probation

List the salary here, stating the exact amount and that it is for the time period included during probation.

Leave policy

Include information here regarding your leave policy, the how much leave the employee is entitled to if any during the probation period.

Rules concerning management

In this area, include any details the candidate is commanded to follow in regards to obeying the direction of superiors or others in management.

Close your appointment letter by stating that you look forward to working with the candidate and that you hope the employment will be mutually beneficial to both parties. Include any other information you deem necessary.


Management signature

I agree and accept terms stated above

Applicant signature

These are a few examples of the type of information to be included in an appointment letter; what you include will depend on your particular company, and what you feel is necessary to cover essential areas during the employment period of the job applicant.

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