Job Appreciation Letter to Boss

Company presidents, managers, supervisors and other bosses often have hectic schedules, and many issues to face each day, including dissatisfied customers and disgruntled employees. This is why a job appreciation letter to a boss is a welcome relief for a business owner, manager or supervisor who constantly fields complaints from multiple sources. It is important that an appreciation letter not be used for some ulterior motive, but simply as a thank you to the boss.

Format and Content

The size of the company for which you work, and any special circumstances associated with your job may influence the job appreciation letter to a boss format that you use. In most cases, it is important to include your name, job title, department in which you work and the particular aspect of your job for which you want to express gratitude to your boss. Mutual respect and good communication are important in a working relationship.


In this era of downsizing and outsourcing, many employees are happy just to be able to keep their jobs. This job appreciation letter to a boss sample is from a group of 3 graphic designers whose boss convinced management to keep them on staff rather than outsourcing their work.

Dear Gloria,

We cannot express to you the extent of our gratitude since you saved our jobs. Thank you for going to bat for us and convincing the board of directors to keep us on rather than outsourcing our work to a graphics firm to cut costs. We promise that we will not embarrass or disappoint you. We are committed to making the board happy with their decision to keep our team intact and employed, and making them pleased with you for advocating in favor of us.

We know, as well as you do, that outsourcing firms do not turn out the level of work that company employees do in the field of graphic design, because they do not have a clear understanding of the company’s specific clientele. Outsourcing firms simply perform one task after another for a wide variety of clients. They do not specialize in any one area, and they do not know their clients’ customers at all.

Keeping our team together was the smartest move for the board. It was just a matter of convincing them of that fact, and we greatly appreciate your efforts in doing just that. Now we have to convert their trust in us to a return on investment for the company, and we are dedicated to making that happen. We will work whatever hours are necessary and turn out the level of work needed to make you and the board glad that you kept our team at ABC Graphics, Inc.

With Deep Gratitude,

Abby Ross

Abby Ross

Emmy Grace

Katy O’Hara